Leo Club is an official programme of the International Association of Lions Club to promote and encourage service activities among the youths of the community, to serve others in the community and around the world that will develop individual leadership quality. Every Leo Club formed must be sponsored by Lions Club.

Two lions, Jim Graver and William Ernst established the first Leo Club in the world. Leo club of Abington High School in October 1957 sponsored by Glenside Lions Club in Pennsylvania. The club started with 9 sophomores, junior, senior boys and 26 basketball players of the school.

Lions Club International officially adopted the Leo Club Programme as an activity in October 1967. Ten years later the first Leo Club was formed. By then, there were more than 30 clubs being formed when Lions Club International adopted the programme.

Today, there are more than 5,600 clubs, 140,000 members in 134 countries and geographical areas worldwide.

We Salute our National Flag and Pledge our allegiance to the same. Its honour and glory depend upon the zeal and assiduity with each of us will shoulder our responsibility as a good citizen.

Its glorious history inspires us to put in good work for the fair name of our Country.

We declare our unflinching loyalty to our Country. We maintain that its course shall be our course and that each individual amongst us will make genuine efforts to add to its lustre and glory and make our national flag fly proudly and high in the comity of nations.

Coach Jim Graver started the Leo ball rolling in 1957 and chances are that ball was a baseball. Graver was the baseball coach of the Abington High School in Pennsylvania, USA and an active member of the Glenside Lions Club.  With help from his fellow Lion, William Ernst, the first Leo club was charted on December 5, 1957.

As the world's first Leo club, the Abington High School Leo Club created the Leo acronym – Leadership, Equality, Opportunity – and chose their school colors, maroon and gold to serve as the Leo club colors.  Later, Equality was changed to Experience.

In October 1967, the board of directors of Lions Clubs International adopted the Leo Club Program as an official program of the association.

The Leo Club Program has continued to grow within the last 50 years. Leos now constitute an international network of over 6,500 clubs in over 140 countries. Community service remains the cornerstone of the program, fostering a lifetime commitment to helping others. Like their Lion counterparts, Leo club members enjoy serving their neighbours and watching positive results unfold.

With the advent of Leo movement in the world, India soon followed. Structurally, Leo Clubs in India are divided in three layers like any parliamentary body is. The highest level is Leo Multiple which comprises Leo Clubs from different sates, which inurn hail from an array of districts and every district at the core level has many Leo Clubs located city-wise. Leo Club of Indore, at the multiple level is identified as 3233 G1.

At the apex level i.e. multiple level Leo Club has an operational board and committees to govern and overlook activates of clubs falling under it. This board headed by President comprises Honorary Secretary, Treasurer, Directors, Vice Presidents, Directors among other post holders. This team is elected or nominated and assumes office for a year. Leo Club of Indore is part of Multiple 3233. The current president of Leo Multiple 3233 is Leo Sourabh Khandelwal from Leo Club of Indore West.

To provide the youth of the world with an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national and international community.

To promote service activities among the youth of the communities which will develop the individual qualities of Leadership, Experience and Opportunity.
To stimulate among its members acceptable of high ethical standard.
To develop Leadership.
To provide experiences through services to the community.
To provide an opportunity to promote international understanding.

I pledge of my hands, extended and open to help those in need.

I pledge of my heart, reach for it, and it will be touched.

I pledge of my ears to hear another's outcry, my eyes to see the plight of others, my knowledge to bring a man closer to his dreams.

I pledge of myself for the betterment of my community, my state and my country.

Leadership – Develop skills as a project organizer, time manager and team leader.

Experience – Learn how teamwork, cooperation and collaboration can bring exciting changes to your community and the world.

Opportunity – Make friends and feel the rewards of community service.