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If you have any questions simply use the following contact details.

Support: +91-9977223466,9977777900

Join Leo Club

Thanks for your interest in joining Leo Club. Please review the rules below. Minimum Requirements:

1. The age of the person applying shall be above 18yrs.

2. The person should be sponsored by any of the current Leo members or Ex Leo Member.

Procedure for Admission:

1. The person applying shall fill the form given on the website and shall be present with the form and documents mentioned in it (form) at the place told to him in advance.

2. The person applying will then be interviewed by the board members present on that day.

3. The board members have the option of either rejecting the interviewee or keeping him proposed for the coming three months.

4. If the interviewee is rejected and wants to apply again, he can do so after six months of his first interview in which he was rejected.

5. A person can be proposed member for a maximum of three months in which the board members should take a decision whether to confirm the proposed member or reject him.