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“Imagination is the beginning of creation”,

Nobody likes repetition, we all look forward for change, we allure seeing the new things around and find eye-pleasing to have a beautiful creativity surrounded with. Innovation is mother of technology. Just like we are incomplete without our better halves so does the world is .When creativity meets innovation great things happen, with this same thought the “Crenovation committee” has been set-up. The basic fundamental is to create a platform where creativity meets innovation so that we can create and make events historical and set a benchmark for people to cross that a create the next best….



To have resourceful and inventiveness in the events filled with creativity, class, grace, elegance and substance so that Leo’s can a have best versions of creativity and innovation to get exposed of!


Committee Head

Leo Dr. Sonam Porwal

Blood Group:

Leo Archit Lahoti

Blood Group:O+
Title Date Venue
SEMINAR BY HARISH BIJOOR 2019-07-01 indore
Title Date Venue
Django Unchained - Business Event 2020-02-07 NAKSHATRA

No Upcoming Event