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A monthly edition circulated to all the Leo families, about the Leo events and activities where the Apni Baat editors have beautifully created some sections, columns, pages dedicated towards travel, food, fashion, fitness, puzzle, Leo experiences, events, gadgets and gizmos. So be ready to dazzle and drool over the magazine every month so as to get the latest news, updates about “what’s happening where”; Enjoy the exciting news and keep throwing –up ideas as our wonderful editors will keep crafting them with their unsurmountable creativity skills and out-of-the-box thinking!


To keep the Leo members updated about the Leo events and activities around the year. Apni Baat app aims to also give 24*7 updates about the Leo members and Leo events, but also would wish to contribute to the environment by cutting down the excessive paper on monthly basis and rotate the Apni-Baat edition in form of magazine on quarterly basis to every Leo member’s house so as to amalgamate technology with the nature in the best of the ways and means possible.

Committee Head

Leo Mayanka Dadu

Blood Group:B+
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COFFEE MEET 2019-07-15 indore

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