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“Sports” - is a world of winning and losing – which now more of a back-seater in our lives., as gadgets and gizmos taking over it. With the increasing money-minting lifestyle, we as individuals have forgotten the essence of sports and its dynamics that can mouldus as civilized individual. A very well proverb said by someone; sports brings sportsmanship spirit in us, sports brings discipline in our lives and most importantly it establishes a fighter in you to face all the situations in the life. This year; Leo aims to promote and play more and more of sports that can encourage all of us to come on a same field and still compete to win for the best! Encouraging sports not only to have a fellowship, but to build a fit lifestyle, to unleash so many other sports than just cricket which a deep ingrained in many of Leo’s that are still lying under their belly. Creating opportunities to play all sorts of sports activities under the banner and make this year even more united and sports-centric than it could ever be thought of


To encourage fitness among the Leo members, to have sports oriented activities around the year, and to have maximum participation from all the members so that essence of, “sports is lived within us in our fields as well in our hearts”

Committee Head

Leo Archit Garg

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Leo Pratham Mantri

Blood Group:B+
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Couple Cricket Auctions 2019-10-15 BIGGIES CAFE
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Title Date Venue

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