Karara Jawab Milega

About Us

A highly valuable tool in all walks of life whether you go to school, college, an organization, an institute or even if it’s your own homeplace. To get things done you need leadership qualities but to know what to get done and when, you need “Discipline”. In this volatile times of change and competition, it is increasingly important to have a proper code of conduct, a decorum, a self-controlled flow of authority that can guide an individual with the right kind of behavior and norms to function in a particular fashion so as to create a better society of peace and harmony.


To ensure Discipline and decorum of the club and its activities and to create an environment where the young Leo’s can learn the norms, the policies and follow the code of conduct to develop and live with so that the legacy LEO continues to create more milestones for the successors to look up-to.

Committee Head

Leo Aayush Dafaria

Blood Group:B+

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